Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mommy rules

Dear Child of Mine,

I love you, let me state this, there is no quantification, no value that can be placed nor can I ever prove how much but I just do. I gave birth to you, expanded till the end of the universe and I had you, in fact your father and I were of the generation where we didn’t take picture of him caressing my belly or holding me and mooning over me or even buying dal (we had no amazon pantry) and we had a joint family system that worked together as one and co-existed. We all compromised, adjusted, and we all got along fine and birthing and rearing up children was and is a joint responsibility where everyone pitches in with their role to mentor, guide, advice and nurture the child.
We had no snap chat, chat, filter, or no filter in fact the only filter I knew was for water so essential for life. Nothing was coated, or colored or changed to look good, better or have swag! These days I am told to chill, relax, you wont understand the pressure, you don’t know, how can you be so backward, what about other children how come they have so much freedom or as one mother told me, her daughter hates the restrictions on her clothing choices. What, where, when did times change so much that one’s acceptability is by the clothes one wears, I am not saying that one has to wear a sack! But sometimes what is fashion is so bizarre that I wonder do the designers really just want to play a mind game and see who would buy. Weirder the garment, the more lucrative it gets and everything gets ripped, torn and scruffy sometimes to look smart.
Please believe in yourself, its not the likes you get now, it’s not the amount of parties you attend or the happening places you are seen or checking in at, it is cooler to read the books that have been around far longer than I have been.
Read the classics, imbibe them; it’s always fun to read the books and to be a geek or a nerd. There is a world in the books that I get lost too , be it magic, fiction or the far far away countries. Books have been my windows to the world , transporting me to a realm in the past, present and the future and to locales unknown.
And, remember you are more important, precious than the love that suddenly blossoms and you go crazy with the emoji’s, yes we all had our school crushes but do not let her /his let down be a blow on your self-esteem. Be comfortable in your skin, your persona, personality will grow and develop and be honed! You’re a work of art in progress.  And the final product would be amazing.
Some days, I think the media hype and the extreme analysis of teenager hormones and the teen troubling years is creating more drama.
I’m sorry for all you go through, the extreme pressure to be successful, to ace the exams, the high percentages that children get and the rat race and the competitive exams. I wonder what are they aiming at. No one i.e. us remembers how much we scored in out tenth, whether we passed or failed Hindi, and trust me as your hyper mother who keeps on saying study well, study one more hour, it’s ok to take it easy. Life has its plans marked for you; everything unravels at the right time, not a minute before and not a minute late.
One does have to struggle a bit, and then legends are born. No one is going to hand you life on a platter. Yes, I am contradictory; it goes with being a mother you see. And, we are the only ones who are going to tell you that. And, we will yell, embarrass, ask for photos or selfies that I can’t take, I’m the shortest in my family of giants!
And before the list gets more embarrassing, I will always worry about meals, gym plans, and the most important being your messaging me back any time of the day or night. This is my right so , just deal with it and its quicker to reply back! Ad, the pathetic excuse of being busy just doesn’t cut it with me , you gives live with an extension life in the virtual world.
Your Muggle Mom .

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